Unpopular Opinions

Hold your horses, snippets of personal & contentious thoughts ahead. (By the way, we can agree to disagree.)

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Is Online Dating A “No” For You? (Part II)

Online dating: What do we really know? Well, I “dabbled” in online dating for a month, and here’s what I took away from my experience.

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Is Online Dating A “No” For You? (Part I)

In the past, I was very closed off from the idea of online dating because of the attached negative connotations. But over time, I changed my mind and saw the positives of online dating...

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Women In Tech: The Conversation

NUS Computing Club released their new series: “Too Nerdy to Handle”, which showcases different facets of computing students. In this article, I respond to their first episode's questions!

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21 takeaways from 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, it is important to look back at the past year and reflect on how much we have learnt and grown. Here are my 21 takeaways this year...

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Stop Your Pity Party

Self-pity is unhealthy and self-destructive. Here is how I shut down some of my own pity parties and thus regain some power over my life.

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Different Groups, Different Dynamics

During one of my semesters, I took 4 modules, among which 3 had group projects. Interestingly, I found my experience in these 3 groups to be quite different.

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Taking A Closer Look At My Friendships

Friendship has always been important to me. But as I grow from my early childhood to university years, my perspective on friendship keeps changing.

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COVID-19 & Working From Home

Covid-19 and how it has changed our perception on working lives with work from home (WFH) arrangements

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