NUS Module Review: IT3010 Data Management for Business Analytics

Module: IT3010 Data Management for Business

Semester taken: SEM2 AY2019/2020

Lecturer / Tutor: Anand Ramchand

Module Synopsis (taken from

This module is highly applied in nature with two important database topics, namely, traditional relational databases and SQL as well as non-traditional databases and NoSQL queries, to students outside School of Computing. Students are expected to know basic programming using Python.

Main Learning Objectives

  • Understand data management — process, tools, challenges
  • Understand database designing
  • Understand how to use SQL and NoSQL database management systems — schema, querying

Course Deliverables / Graded Components

  • Final Assessment: 40%
  • Assignment 1: 15%
  • Assignment 2: 20%
  • Regular exercises (tutorials & online assessments): 25%

Personal Review

I took this module as it was a compulsory module for the Business Analytics (BA) specialisation.

The module covered the process of data management, which is an essential step before data analysis (where you use fancy R / python libraries). Typically, when you enrol in a data analytics course, the sample datasets given for practise are already cleaned and processed. But that is hardly reflective of the real world, where data is dirty and spread across multiple places. Hence, this module was useful in teaching students how data can be collected, stored and prepared well for analytics. Some key concepts covered were data modelling, database design, normalisation, and querying using SQL and NoSQL. Tools used were MySQL Workbench and MongoDB.

Regarding lesson format, class was conducted in lecture and lab style. Although lab sessions were only an hour long, the module was quite heavy on hands-on learning due to its focus on application. Through the course deliverables, students were able to practise and hone their database skills (e.g., creating schema, making advanced SQL queries).

Ending Note

If you are interested in being a data analyst or something similar, this module would build a good foundation for you, so I highly recommend it!

Note: From AY2020/2021 onwards, if you are a BIZCOM DDP student, this module is precluded as it is a “sister” module of CS2102, so you have to take another specialisation module for BA specialisation.

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