Meaning of makoto - sincere & honest

Hello, I’m Andrea

My Background

I’m from Singapore and currently in my 20s.

Why I Write

I started writing in 2020 on Medium (@andrea-makoto) and continued to do so because I found writing a really great way to express myself! Writing has allowed me to process my past in a clearer manner and undoubtedly empowered me to heal & grow from my experiences. Also, I think it’s a beautiful thing to be able to share our thoughts and ideas and learn from one another.

I’m happy whenever someone can benefit from reading my articles, be it learning a new perspective or a new idea, or simply having a brief comedy relief. I’ve been blessed with great support and encouragement during my whole writing journey, so that really keeps me going.

What I Write About

I write on a variety of topics, as I would love to see my life experiences through the lens of “what can I learn from this?”, be it a good or awful situation. I write about personal growth, travel experiences, school and work life, and many more!

Ending Note

I hope that my sharing can help people down the road in any way possible, and that truly inspires me to write more as I go through life! I’m on my own lifelong journey to becoming the best human I can be and that takes work and time, so let’s walk life together!