Taiwan Trip 21D20N Expenses

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Taroko Gorge, Hualien, Taiwan | Source: Author

I went to Taiwan for 21 days and explored the island! Below is a breakdown of my spending according to the various categories. (Exchange rate used: 1 SGD = 22 NT)

Pre-trip expenses


Flights cost total: $288.63 SGD

Note: I was lucky to choose a flight date in the midst of the Lunar New Year with the lowest fare!

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance cost total: $50.98 SGD


Accommodation cost total: $453.59 SGD

Note: I stayed in hostels all the way, and slept in bunk beds in shared dorms. Accommodations were booked via Agoda or Booking.com, typically one or two nights before.

Food, Transport and Miscellaneous

Food, transport and misc cost total: $631.30 SGD

Note: Most of my food expenses definitely came from patronising the night markets in Taiwan! There were just so many food & beverage choices there. For transport, I took either trains or buses to get to places. I think that public transport in Taiwan is quite affordable.


Activities cost total: $167.84 SGD

Note: A huge portion of the “activities” category expenses came from the two 1-day tours I booked to Qingjing Farm and Alishan. But other than that, most tourist attractions and nature parks had free entry or only charge a small entrance fee.

Summary of Trip Expenses

Trip cost total: $1592.33 SGD

Ending Note

I was quite surprised that I spent below $2k SGD in total as I had previously budgeted ~$2.6k SGD for my whole trip. When I went to Thailand for 21 days, I spent ~$1.3k SGD and I knew that Taiwan’s prices for accommodations and food were approx twice that of Thailand, hence the budget set. Looking back, I think I was able to keep my travel costs in Taiwan low due to its affordable public transport and free entry for most places. In general, many places were accessible via public transport, which erases the need for me to take cab rides, or book tours / guides.

Thank you for reading! Happy travels!