I Started On Medium, Now I’m Continuing Here

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In 2020, I published my very first article on Medium: “3 Months As A Software Engineer Intern: My Key Takeaways”. For the next 2 years, I wrote a total of 37 articles and shared them with the world via the Medium platform (@andrea-makoto).

Context & Why

In the later half of 2022, I learnt that while writing on medium.com is a good way to start my writing journey, it is still more of a social platform. Users can give “claps”, leave comments, follow each other and see recommended articles according to the platform’s algorithm. Writers there essentially share the audience and no reader “belongs” to them. Furthermore, if the platform stops running one day, there is no certainty to what happens to one’s work.

Beyond these concerns, my decision to create my own blog website was also driven by the greater confidence and conviction that I now have in writing for the long run. I aspire to keep writing and therefore want to build something that I can proudly call my own!

What’s Next

Moving forward, I will be shifting my past articles from my Medium profile onto this blog by end of September. In the future, my articles would be originally published on andreastories.com, and then republished on Medium. Given the social reach that the platform can provide, I would still leverage it so that my stories can be shared with more people!

Thank you for reading!