21 takeaways from 2021

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Change is the only constant

Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

As 2021 is drawing to a close, it is important to look back at the past year and reflect on how much we have learnt, grown and how far we have come. Here are my 21 takeaways this year:

  1. For self improvement to happen, the first step is self-awareness, the next step is to take action.
  2. I do have a perfectionistic self and have the mindset of “all or nothing”. One way I learnt to work on that is to treasure small pockets of time and make the best out of it because every bit counts.
  3. I can be a better listener. Conversations are two way and I shouldn’t always bring the focus back to me only. After all, I can only speak what I know, but I can listen to what I don’t know.
  4. People will always try to fit you into a box. You have to find your own corners.
  5. “You can do this, but…” | people will (try to) set rules for you, you don’t have to follow them.
  6. Don’t ask for permission, beg for forgiveness instead.
  7. Change is uncomfortable.
  8. After trying so hard to act tough and pretend (7) isn’t true for me, I’ve accepted the fact that change will always be hard because we would be outside of our comfort zone. Growth needs change. Instead, I am working on cultivating the strength to face the discomfort.
  9. Here’s to those who told us to change. Here’s to those who taught us how to change. Here’s to those who helped us change.
  10. Embrace your own change, leave the others to catch up.
  11. “Stop hoping for a better life. Simply be a better life.” — Mark Manson
  12. “I don’t believe in 2 words: ‘perfect’ and ‘normal’.” — Rachel Ballinger
  13. Own your pain, don’t let past setbacks and trauma hold you back. Don’t shortchange yourself.
  14. You can learn from example, and the lack of it. I grew more aware of some traits I wouldn’t want in my partner from the people around me.
  15. Don’t layer judgement on top of your feelings. Greet every feeling with compassion.
  16. “Whatever you feel can never be wrong.” — Ed Sheeran
  17. One way to nurture your emotional agility is to avoid running away from your negative feelings and instead seek to understand what those feelings are signposting about your needs and values.
  18. Be wary of false positivity. See the world as it is, not how we want it to be.
  19. Hard to gain trust, easy to lose it. Hard to gain respect, easy to lose it. (Easy to gain weight, hard to lose it.)
  20. Yes, you can lose everything in a day. When that happens, you just have to show up for yourself and make things work again.
  21. Manage your time and more importantly, protect your energy.

2021 was a tough one, but we made it. Here’s to a better 2022 and a greater you!

Thank you for reading!