3 Golden Principles My Mentor Taught Me

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& two more lessons I learnt from her sharing

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My mentor taught me the following 3 principles to always keep in mind:

  1. Be open-minded
  2. Take other people’s opinions with a pinch of salt
  3. Reflect on my own belief system

On being open-minded …

Be open to the endless possibilities in life. If I narrow my mind and think that things can only work a certain way, or I can only do certain things, then those thoughts of mine would dictate my reality.

On taking other people’s opinions with a pinch of salt …

Everyone is entitled to their own perspectives and opinions. Anyone can say whatever they like. My power lies in my reception and response. Sometimes, I don’t even need a reaction. I can listen to others without losing the lens I see my own life through! Not everyone will agree or support me, and that’s alright.

On reflecting on my own belief system …

This is a tricky one, but here’s how I interpret this golden principle. A large part of what we deem as important could merely be a result of society telling us that it should be so. Therefore, we have to question and understand the rationale behind our beliefs and values.

What’s the definition of success to me? Is blood thicker than water? What values are really important to me?

[Bonus] 2 more lessons I learnt from her:

  1. Don’t strive to be punctual, aim to be early. Show up earlier than others and be willing to wait for them.
  2. Dare to dream (as she said, it’s free!)

Thank you for reading!