Unpopular Opinions

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You don’t have to agree with me. We can agree to disagree.

Photo by Rebe Pascual on Unsplash

Hold your horses, snippets of personal & contentious thoughts ahead:

  1. Next time someone says “you’re too sensitive”, take it as a compliment. To feel is to be human.
  2. “Jack of all trades?” Instead of trying to be fairly good at many things, try honing your craft. Be really great at something, that’s how you can stand out.
  3. Like to sit on the fence? Keeping the status quo can be peaceful, but it makes no progress. Sometimes people pleasers get taken advantaged of.
  4. “Yes, no, maybe?“ Why say “maybe” when you actually want to say “yes” or “no”? Make your stance clear, or else don’t be upset if the other party assumes otherwise.
  5. Often, people prepend their opinions or perspectives with “I am not sure but …” or “I don’t really know but …”, and I think that’s because they are afraid to be accountable for their own words. For myself, I would try to avoid using those phrases.
  6. We don’t compliment each other nearly enough. We are afraid of acknowledging that someone is good looking because “that’s flirting”. But, is it really though?
  7. Words that belong to everyone should have their comparative form removed. Everyone is pretty and beautiful. No one is “prettier” or “more beautiful”.
  8. Having condoms (to prevent unwanted pregnancy) should be the male’s responsibility. The orgasm gap between males and females is huge enough to deal with already.
  9. Ladies, don’t fake your orgasms. If you didn’t have it, then you didn’t have it. Why lie to make your male partners not feel bad? Shouldn’t honesty apply in bed also?
  10. Marriage may be better when seen as an ends than a beginning. I think marriage (in modern context) would work out better when both parties are financially stable and emotionally mature. But the public housing scheme in Singapore makes early marriage such an attractive option, doesn’t it?
  11. How many kids to have is ultimately, the woman’s decision. Her body, her choice. If you can’t respect that, leave.
  12. You may have found your significant other now and think they are “the one”. But people change and that means you can change in ways that are no longer compatible with each other. And when that happens, you have to decide whether it’s possible to find a workaround or even worth the compromise. While breaking up is the last resort, it is still an option, and sometimes that is the best one. Lifelong partners are not a given.
  13. Nobody can read your mind, not even your significant other(s). Isn’t it scary if we could though? Speak your mind when needed.
  14. Adult children exists, age is really just a number.
  15. Learn to reparent yourself. Life is not worth the anger you felt as a child.

Thank you for reading, moving on with life …