22 Takeaways From 2022

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  1. Never promise my future to anyone other than myself.
  2. Asking for what I want can be hard. But asking is equivalent to giving myself a chance for a desired outcome.
  3. Counselling was very eye-opening for me! Being given the space to vocalise my thoughts was liberating for me. Hearing a second opinion from a professional was enlightening too.
  4. There are no better or worse values, just (very) important and unimportant ones to each individual.
  5. Self limitation and rejection are big disfavours I do to myself.
  6. Sometimes I feel trapped by the concept of “filial piety”. “Heck care” is easier said than done.
  7. Mental hurdles can loom even across physical distance.
  8. One’s upbringing and family environment plays a major role in one’s outlook on life and the world, but I still believe that one’s own agency will be the ultimate determinant.
  9. Learn to be okay with people not understanding or agreeing with me.
  10. Healing one’s inner child can be a lifelong process.
  11. I cannot rush real change and progress.
  12. Take it one step at a time — This really helped me when I was trekking the steep hills at Doi Inthanon.
  13. “Get wet, get dirty, then is real trekking right” – Noppadon, local trek guide. — Power of perspective
  14. There is no perfect, only good enough or not. E.g., There is no perfect job, just whether a job fits your career aspirations and expectations.
  15. Pretty privilege is real.
  16. “Slow is the fastest way to get to where you want”.
  17. Being comfortable with being on my own is so empowering!
  18. If I wait for others to be on board with my plans before I carry them out, I may never do as planned. E.g., If I waited for a friend to join me on my graduation trip before really heading off, I may not have traveled since most of my friends had already graduated half a year ago and just started work as fresh graduates.
  19. I can do many things, but I am not defined by what I do — I am not my job, I am not my hobby.
  20. Keep trying new things! Because if I never try, I’d never know.
  21. When I open my heart up to what’s coming my way, I can embrace what’s meant for me.
  22. Kindness is really all around!

Thank you for reading! May your 2023 be a blast!